Phillipines Mass Stranding

Melon headed whales in Manila Bay

Melon headed whales in Manila Bay

Yesterday there was mass-stranding event in the Philippines, near the US Navy’s Subic Bay base. As of yet there has not been any definitive correlations with military operations, but the last time melon-headed whales were involved in a similar incident was a few years back in Hanalei Bay Hawai’i, coincident to a military exercise.

A BBC News article with dramatic footage can be seen here:

A number of folks in the area from the conservation community have been asked to look into this, so we will keep you posted as we hear more.

The article states that fishermen have been “rescuing” the animals (actually a species of dolphin, not whale). While their hearts are in the right place, if these animals have been deafened, they are not likely to survive.

Stay tuned.