Earth Hour 28 March 2009

While this is not directly related to ocean noise pollution, climate change is the large rubric under which all other planetary issues dwell. There are still those who fear that taking the necessary deep actions on climate solutions will somehow compromise the foolish Heyoka of “continuous economic growth.”

It is embarrassing to know that the American Academy of Science warned us 30 Years Ago that global warming was going to be a big problem. Procrastination for the sake of “economic growth” has brought us to the point where there is no question about the trajectory of the problem; the only questions are how fast, how much, and what will survive.

We need to show those people who we call our leaders that there is a huge consensus here. The upcoming climate meeting in Copenhagen will likely be the last hinge upon which we can hang global cooperation; the outcome will indicate our commitment to setting aside our temporal pleasures for the benefit of the future generations.

So, please participate if you can. (This can be fun!)

Saturday March 28, 8:30 local time. Lights off for 1 hour.