Acoustics Paper Published

The paper I delivered at the Portland Acoustics Society meeting has been published through POMA in the proceedings.

The presentation examines the value of using laboratory-derived hearing tests to establish noise exposure levels for wild animals in their natural habitat. It offers examples illustrating how calibrated laboratory signals in captive settings have questionable value when both the exposure signals as well as the exposure environments are so different.

I hope this paper proves useful in substantiating the argument that exposing captive, test-habituated animals to pure tones in controlled settings has no reasonable correlation to exposing wild animals to nasty communication sonar signals in their natural habitat.

This would help regulating agencies set lower mitigation levels that more accurately reflect biological responses to stranding-correlated noise exposures.

The paper is short and not too technical, so if you are interested you can find it here:

This work would not have been possible without your collective support.