BBC finds that noise pollution threatens animals!

A recent article in the BBC “Earth News” presents a good overview of how various noises impact animals. The article is a condensation of a scientific “lit review” written by Jesse Barber, Kevin Crooks, and Kurt Fristrup.

Some folks may remember Kurt Fristrup from his work with the Office of Naval Research during the SURTASS-LFA days, where he was arguing that there was no evidence of Low Frequency Sonar impact on marine animals.

Kurt is now working for the US Parks Service, and as an ornithologist he is doing great (and in my opinion much more useful) work on noise criteria in the national parks.

The BBC article deals with terrestrial and airborne animals but gives us some perspective on how human generated noise disrupts bio-acoustic habitats.

Thanks to Richard Charter with the Outer Continental Shelf Coalition for sending this in.