NOAA Launches another quiet research vessel

Pisces Launch (NOAA photo)

Pisces Launch (NOAA photo)

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries department has launched a third in a series of four fisheries research vessels designed around new, quiet technologies.

Named “Pisces” NOAA’s Rear Adm. Jonathan Bailey says that the boat “…is so advanced and quiet that it is likely fish and other marine animals will never know it’s there. And that’s the whole idea.”

At the launch, NOAA Director and environmental hero Dr. Jane Lubchenko revealed “I know firsthand that the ocean does not always give up her secrets willingly.”

Ship-quieting technologies and guidelines have really taken a hold of ship-building strategies. Just this year the International Maritime Organization (IMO) began drawing up guidelines for quieter vessels, which will have a positive impact on the overall noise-floor of the ocean.

It is nice to see institutional willingness to face and address an important aspect of ocean noise pollution. Solutions are forthcoming. If only the Military and the Fossil Fuel industries would be so willing…