A little sound on Ocean(s) Week

This week is Oceans Week in Washington DC, where national ocean stakeholders can focus on ocean policy and related events. There are some regional events as well. Tonight (Thursday) in the San Francisco Bay area you can go to an ocean themed “Night Life” at the California Academy.

Also, OCR ally and shark hero David McGuire with Sea Stewards is sponsoring a World Ocean Day celebration at Chrissy Field. David has just returned from the Philippines where they discovered a new species of shark “after a month of not seeing any [sharks] in over 1000 dives.”

Also, a recent radio interview with Jennifer Stock from NOAA/Cordell Bank Sanctuary is now online. We talk about sound and noise, and play a few nice examples.

The ocean is coming up much more in the news of late – both good and bad, probably given an unfortunate push by events in the Gulf of Mexico a year ago.

Actually “Oceans Week” is a bit of a misnomer. I understand that the National Science Foundation stated a few years back that there is no plural for “Ocean.” It is just one thing.