Okeanos – Dance, Art, and Science in San Francisco

The performance company “Capacitor” will be presenting ocean-themed “Okeanos” from April 12 through April 15 at Fort Mason’s Herbst Theater in San Francisco.

From their words: “Okeanos is an immersive dance/circus/video experience that will inspire and educate audiences about the ocean, catalyze interest in art/science collaborations, and help to raise funds and awareness for marine protected areas.”

Dance performance, "Okeanos", presented by Capacitor

Dance performance, "Okeanos", presented by Capacitor

Each evening will include a panel of ocean experts before the show, the performance, and an “Ocean Solutions Café” after the show featuring table discussions with other ocean experts.

The whole event should be a great opportunity to hear about current ocean issues, experience a deep aesthetic journey into the sea, and get together with folks in the ocean science and conservation community to speak about the issues.

Capacitor presents OkeanosSome of the experts include Dr. Sylvia Earle, J. Wallace Nichols, Tierney Thys, and a host of others across the ocean conversation.

I will be hosting table discussions on Saturday and Sunday.

C’mon down! These events should be as sensuous, informative, and delightful a dive into the ocean you could have without getting wet.