Central Coast Seismic Interview, Thur. Oct 11, 2pm KPFA

I will be discussing the controversial Diablo Canyon seismic survey proposal today on Caroline Casey’s “Visionary Activist Show” at 2pm PST on KPFA. Pacifica shows up on various frequencies in the Bay Area and can be found online at KPFA.org.

Pacifica is in “fundraising mode” so we will only be spending 10-15 minutes on the discussion, but do tune in.

Some background information can be found on the ocean-noise blog, and while I was initially not inclined to “toss our hat into the ring,” I ended up submitting a brief opinion to the National Marine Fisheries Service outlining our concerns, and how the surveys might be postponed or bypassed altogether if a different seismic evaluation strategy is employed.

The full text of the proposal and comment instructions can be found in the Federal Register. Public comments are due on October 15.

2 comments for “Central Coast Seismic Interview, Thur. Oct 11, 2pm KPFA

  1. Julie Thomas
    October 11, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Hello Michael – I’ve been working with the C.O.A.S.T. Alliance for the past few months; I was only able to catch a little bit of your discussion on KPFA, and caught the tail end about alternative seismic evaluation strategies. Is there any way you could summarize those potential options for COAST, for our use in discussions with our Board of Supervisors and local government representatives? It would really strengthen our case if we can offer viable alternatives to the high-intensity acoustic seismic testing. We have information from a few sources, but could definitely use more.

  2. Ginnie Gregg
    October 12, 2012 at 8:32 am

    I heard the last half of your interview with Caroline Casey & would like to learn more about the alternatives to PGE’s airgun testing for seismic faults for Diablo Canyon nuke facility. You mentioned something about being able to detect magnetic fields & even something that would create a shaking effect to detect faults up to 15 miles beneath the ocean floor. I sent my opposition to the project to the Federal Register based on the grounds that it is cruel & damaging to marine life. Thanks, Ginnie Gregg, Tehachapi, CA

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