Timeline: The Roots of Understanding Sound


Explore the history of sound and theory on our timeline:


At OCR we talk a lot about sound and it’s importance to ocean life.

Using sound to explore the depths of the ocean is akin to using light to understand distant planets and stars. We can’t go there directly (usually) and for the most part we wouldn’t be able to sense much about the environment around us even if we could. Instead, we get far more information from studying the properties and motion of particles in those environments. We prefer light when it’s available, but for studying the deep oceans and ‘looking’ into the depths of the Earth we use sound.

It took a lot of work and the insight of a few geniuses to uncover the nature of light. The same is true for uncovering the nature of sound and discovering how much information can be contained in each noise we hear, as well as the noises that are beyond us. In homage to the investigators of the past and the ongoing work today, we’ve put together a timeline including many of these historical turning-points.