Oops! Nix the date – 9/24 Book and ACS event

Last month we sent out a notice of a reception and presentation at the Bay Model where I would be also introducing my book “Hear Where We Are: Sound, Ecology, and Sense of Place

Unfortunately two things have conspired to thwart that plan: The publisher has revised the delivery date to September 30, and I have been scheduled to present a paper on “Signal kurtosis as a predictor of biological impacts from noise exposure” at the Marine Technology Society-IEEE-Ocean conference in San Diego on September 24.

If you still want to see something fabulous that day, do go to the American Cetacean Society event at San Francisco Bay Model where my Co-presenters Richard Lang and Judith Selby will give a presentation on ocean plastics. Richard and Judith are fabulous artists using an extensive pallet of plastic found on 1km of Marin County beach.

There will be a reception at 6pm and a presentation at 7pm at the SF Bay Model. You won’t be disappointed.

Meanwhile stay tuned for an upcoming Flamenco Concert/Fundraiser on Friday October 11 with the amazing Juanito Pascual.

We will be hosting a book event as well in the near future.