2017 Year-end appeal!

2017 marks OCR’s tenth year as a conservation voice for the sea. We could not have come this far without your support and ongoing love of the ocean. For this we are honored by your vote of confidence, and humbled by the strength of your caring. Thank you!
When I founded OCR in 2007, one of our guiding values was to be a measured voice in the sea of emergencies – real, or manufactured, that call for the public’s attention. Our “30-year beacon” is to be known by the public and other ocean stakeholders as an ‘honest broker’ of scientific data and conservation perspectives. So it is not really in our DNA to advance “shocking news” to tease out support from you, our constituents.
But the fundamental tenet of a calm front has been increasingly difficult to maintain in the face of the current industrial takeover of our government. With all of the “flashing red lights in our dashboard,” it is hard to pretend we are not alarmed.
I could spend the balance of this appeal detailing the litany of assaults on our precious habitats – both terrestrial and marine, but I suspect you already have enough on your anxiety plate. Suffice it to say that the operating premise of the current administration seems to be “If it ain’t broke, smash it!”
We have been very busy shoring up what will become the legal conversation as the lawsuits begin taking shape. Watching decades of conservation infrastructure fall prey to a greedy (and I dare say a failing) fossil fuel industry gives us a lot of data from which to work. But this has involved much more “reviews and critiques” of Executive Orders and Environmental Impact Statements than we had planned for.
There is good news though: After the last election I asked environmental hero Randy Hayes how to handle our action plans. He wisely suggested we should pivot to international work until these guys are out of the pool. We have done that with our participation in International Standards development, and bioacoustics conferences in Europe. It is encouraging to know that “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” is inspiring most other nations to take up the baton and share leadership in international conservation actions and policies.
These next few years (or maybe only one year!) will require a lot of fortitude and flexibility. We’re girding our loins for the obstructions and distractions, but we also have some great proactive plans for the future, which I will share in our next two appeal letters.
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